Cancer registrars throughout the world will join their colleagues, fellow medical professionals, and community leaders to observe the 19th annual National Cancer Registrars Week (NCRW), April 6-10, 2015. The purpose of NCRW is to emphasize the important role cancer registrars play in capturing the data that informs cancer research, prevention, and treatment programs.


A special NCRW packet will be mailed in early March to all NCRA members. It will contain the NCRW 2015 poster, press release, and a special gift to commemorate the week.


In the meantime, start planning your celebrations:

  2015 NCRW Press Release: Please feel free to modify the press release for your own promotions.
  Cancer Registrar “Elevator Speech”: NCRA prepared a simple speech to help explain the valuable work of cancer registrars.
•  Introduction to the Cancer Registry: Use the link to the Introduction to the Cancer Registry materials on the Center for Cancer Registry Education website to help explain the work and contributions of a cancer registrar.

•  Sample Text for Letter to Governor to Proclaim April 6-10, National Cancer Registrars Week
•  Celebration Ideas: Borrow proven NCRW celebration plans and events or create your own.
•  NCRW Logo: NCRA has prepared various sizes of the NCRW 2015 logo to help you create your own promotional materials, including an e-mail signature and e-Postcard to send to colleagues.

  NCRW 2015 Logo – E-signature (400 x 167 pixels)
  NCRW 2015 Logo – Graphic (600 x 250 pixels) 
•  NCRW 2015 Logo – e-Postcard (1200 x 500 pixels)
  NCRW 2015 Logo – Letterhead (768 x 185 pixels)
•  NCRW 2015 Logo – Facebook (504 x 504 pixels) 

  NCRW E-mail Signature: Use the graphic above and this text to create an NCRW 2015 e-mail signature.

Cancer Registrars: The Lighthouse in a Storm of Change
National Cancer Registrars Week (NCRW)
April 6-10, 2015
NCRW: Celebrating the role cancer registrars play in improving cancer treatment and prevention programs.

•  NCRW e-Postcard: Use the e-Postcard graphic above to send an e-mail blast to colleagues and administrators the week of April 6.

•  NCRW and NCRA Products: Visit NCRA’s Store at CafePress to order NCRW and NCRA gifts and products.

•  2015 NCRW Online Survey: The NCRW Committee seeks member feedback in order to improve current celebratory NCRW efforts. After the event, please complete the online survey.


Let us know how you are celebrating the week. E-mail Peggy Meehan and keep NCRA informed of your NCRW activities and events.