Strategic Management Plan

Strategic Management Plan 2016-2018

The Strategic Management Plan (SMP) is NCRA’s guiding document for vision, mission, programs, and priorities. The SMP was developed to ensure that the volunteer leadership and staff are working to meet the needs of NCRA’s membership. The Governance, Planning and Evaluation Committee (GPEC) is tasked with reviewing and updating the SMP. In the spring of 2015 GPEC, conducted a membership survey to determine if the strategies of the 2012-2015 SMP were still relevant. Members were asked to rate how relevant they found the current strategies and how they would edit the strategy so that it was most relevant. After analyzing the results of the membership survey, GPEC concluded that the 2012-2015 SMP was current, but identified several items of interest to the membership that were not addressed. As a result, the 2016-2018 SMP was expanded to include these items. The six core strategies remained unchanged, however, several new or revised strategic objectives were added. Those edits are noted below.

  • Strategy I: Education/Professional Development Develop a “badging” program to acknowledge special skills development.
  • Strategy II: Credentialing Evaluate the need for new credentials and micro credentials to support the field.
  • Strategy IV: Member & Customer Service Actively identify and engage other customers with potential interest in NCRA products and services (i.e. other medical registry professionals).
  • Strategy V: Advocacy Actively engage in processes to network & communicate to affect standards, policy, legislation & regulation. Develop policy statements on matters that impact the cancer registry profession when necessary.

2017 Report on NCRA Activiites--May 2018