Volunteer: Ways to Help

NCRA relies on its membership for committee leadership and expertise.  Volunteers represent a key strategic asset of NCRA as they provide an integral role in guiding the content deliverable to the membership.  The work they do on behalf of NCRA allows far broader and deeper support to the membership than would otherwise be possible. 

NCRA's board of directors are looking for nominees for various volunteer leader positions. Please submit your application by following the link. Applications are due June 11th. Questions about the positions can be directed to lswain@ncra-usa.org

Applications are due by June 11, 2023. 

If you are interested in applying to one of these positions, please fill out NCRA’s Candidate Profile Form.

Volunteering for NCRA is a great professional development opportunity! NCRA is looking for volunteers for the following leadership positions: 



Typical volunteer hours required

Travel-(supported by NCRA)

Key Responsibilities

Link to Policy and Procedure

Social Media Committee Chair

June 2023- May 2025

Approximately 10 hours per quarter.

No Travel

Lead NCRA’s Social Media Committee in outlining best Social Media practices for the Association by identifying social media opportunities that advance NCRA’s messaging and branding. 

NCRA Social Media Committee Chair P&P

Governance, Planning and Evaluation Committee 

One committee member: June 2023-May 2024

Two Committee Members: June 2025-May 2025


Approximately 10 hours a quarter.

 Candidates with previous NCRA Board experience are preferred.

No Travel

Maintain a process to assure delivery of the NCRA SMP. Review, update and support NCRA governance management and activities to adhere to knowledge based board structure

Governance, Planning and Evaluation Committee P&P

2025 Annual Conference Program Committee

Chair: May 2024-May 2025

Committee Member: June 2023-April 2024


Committee Member: June 2025-May 2026


15 hours a quarter. 

No Travel

To oversee the activities of all conference committee members to ensure that the objectives of the conference are met.

2025 Annual Conference Program Committee P&P

Medical Registry Committee Chair

June 2023-May 2025

Approximately 15 hours a quarter. 

No Travel

To bring together not only representatives of the Cancer Registry profession, but also registrars from other medical registries for the purpose of collaborating and advocating for all medical registrars.

Medical Registry Committee P&P