Volunteer: Ways to Help

NCRA relies on its membership for committee leadership and expertise.  Volunteers represent a key strategic asset of NCRA as they provide an integral role in guiding the content deliverable to the membership.  The work they do on behalf of NCRA allows far broader and deeper support to the membership than would otherwise be possible. 


Each of the positions hold just under a 2 year term of June 2021 – May 2023 and applications are due by April 7, 2021. 

If you are interested in applying to one of these positions please fill out NCRA’s Candidate Profile Form.

Volunteering for NCRA is a great professional development opportunity! NCRA is looking for volunteers for the following leadership positions: 



Typical volunteer hours required

Travel-(supported by NCRA)

Key Responsibilities

Link to Policy and Procedure

GPEC Member (2 positions available)

June 2021- May 2023

40 - with about 10/quarter Candidates with previous NCRA Board experience are preferred.

No Travel

Chaired by the Immediate Past President, GPEC Members work with the Chair to: Offer advice to the President and the Board of Directors regarding the NCRA business operations; Manage and administer the NCRA Strategic Management Plan; Provide professional development guidance to the Board; Administer the Danielle Chufar Memorial Annual Scholarship Fund; Conduct special projects as needed.

https://www.ncra-usa.org/Portals/68/PDFs/Policy and Procedure/GPEC PP 2019.pdf

Membership Committee Chair

June 2021- May 2023

28 – with about 7/quarter

No Travel

Working with staff strategize, implement, and coordinate membership activities. The Committee is responsible for ensuring growth, assisting in efforts to recruit and retain members, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding new member benefits and programs.

https://www.ncra-usa.org/Portals/68/PDFs/Policy and Procedure/MEMBERSHIP Committee2019.pdf

NCRW Committee Chair

June 2021- May 2023

12 – with about 3/quarter

No Travel

Working with staff organize the National Cancer Registrars Week (NCRW), which takes place during the second week of April, annually. Review and approve NCRW materials. Publicize the NCRW in each issue of The Connection and other NCRA channels.

https://www.ncra-usa.org/Portals/68/PDFs/Policy and Procedure/NCRWCommittee 2019.pdf

Ethics Committee Chair

June 2021- May 2023

20 – with about 5/quarter

No Travel

Shall review complaints regarding violations of the Professional Practice Code of Ethics of NCRA. Promote the awareness of the Code of Ethics. Keep “code” updated to reflect current professional practice.

https://www.ncra-usa.org/Portals/68/PDFs/Policy and Procedure/ETHICS COMMITTEE2018.pdf

Informatics Committee Chair

June 2021- May 2023

225 – with about 56/quarter

No Travel

Establish and maintain communication with the members of the association to keep them informed of committee activities and to provide continuing education opportunities and materials that enhance the skills, knowledge and competencies of the registrar in the subject areas that encompass medical informatics.

https://www.ncra-usa.org/Portals/68/PDFs/Policy and Procedure/Informatics Committee Policy Procedure 2020.pdf

Policy & Procedure Committee Chair

June 2021- May 2023

40 – with about 10/quarter

No Travel

Working with staff continue the consistent, efficient and effective system (3-year review cycle) to maintain and track changes to the association’s policies and procedures.

https://www.ncra-usa.org/Portals/68/PDFs/Policy and Procedure/Policy Procedure Committee 2020.pdf

Social Media Committee

June 2021- May 2023

40 – with about 10/quarter

No Travel

Working with staff outline best practices and policies that will guide NCRA’s participation in social media communities and channels. The committee shall also recommend actions to drive messaging within the cancer registry profession that fosters discussion, increases member engagement and utility of the NCRA’s social media networking tools.

https://www.ncra-usa.org/Portals/68/PDFs/Policy and Procedure/NCRA Social Media Committee 2018.pdf