Volunteer: Ways to Help

NCRA relies on its membership for committee leadership and expertise.  Volunteers represent a key strategic asset of NCRA as they provide an integral role in guiding the content deliverable to the membership.  The work they do on behalf of NCRA allows far broader and deeper support to the membership than would otherwise be possible. 

Committee Volunteer Opportunities
The following are current volunteer opportunities available to NCRA members.

Mentoring Committee
Mary Maul, mmaul@ncra-usa.org
Duties: NCRA mentors assist students and
cancer registrars in earning the CTR credential
and help current CTRs advance their careers.
Mentors must be NCRA members in good
standing and have held the CTR credential for
at least two years.

Medical Registries Committee
Neisha Johnson, njohnson@ncra-usa.org
Duties: Members will communicate with other
medical registry organizations in an effort to
build collaborative partnerships.

Membership Committee
Rita Williams, rwilliams@ncra-usa.org
Duties: Members on this committee will
assist with recruitment and retention, and
recommending new member benefits and
programs. Members will participate in
quarterly conference calls.