Past Successes

NCRA actively supports cancer registrars through conducting surveys, analyzing public policy, and promoting change. Several past advocacy successes are noted below. 

Spring 2012

NCRA brought the cancer registrars’ message to Congress through its Walk on the Hill during its 2012 Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Cancer registrars met with their representatives and asked them to support unified cancer prevention and control activities at the CDC. NCRA prepared information packets outlining the important work of cancer registrars. The packets were customized to include state fact sheets showcasing how cancer registry data was used to promote public health initiatives in the state and inform state-wide and national research.

Summer 2008

NCRA conducted a survey to establish staffing and productivity guidelines to benefit the entire field of cancer registration and surveillance.

Summer 2004

NCRA was asked to help solicit House of Representatives on the Allied Health Reinvestment Act. NCRA created a grassroots campaign and delivered 300 signed postcards to representatives.

Spring 2004

NCRA brought the cancer registrars message to Congress by taking its first Walk on the Hill. NCRA represented two bills including the Allied Health Reinvestment Act and the National Cancer Act of 2003. NCRA members met with US Representatives and Senators from their congressional district after meeting with representatives who already supported the bill.

Winter 2003

NCRA participated in C-CHANGE, a collaboration to conquer cancer and is recognized as a full partner in cancer issues.