Introduction to the Cancer Registry Profession 

The foundation’s Introduction to the Cancer Registry USB drive and online product is designed for Health Information Management (HIM) schools. The recruitment tool targets prospective cancer registrars and provides a glimpse into the roles and responsibilities of a cancer registrar, with the goal of inspiring them to take courses that will lead to a career as a cancer registrar and eventually to earn the ODS credential. The USB drive includes 12 video presentations, an Instructor’s Guide, PowerPoints, and fact sheets. Go to to learn more. 


Telecommuting Toolkit for Cancer Registrars 

Part I-Telecommute Toolkit Presentation
Part I-Telecommute Agreement, Sample document
Part II-Telecommute Toolkit Presentation
Part II-Tips for Successful Telecommuting
Part II-Telecommute Self-Assessment


The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to connect HIM schools with experienced cancer registry professionals who serve as Ambassadors to help students learn more about the cancer registry profession. The Ambassadors can bring the Introduction to the Cancer Registry series alive. Learn More.