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National Cancer Registrars Association, Inc. 
1330 Braddock Place, Suite 520 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
Phone: 703-299-6640
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Business hours: 8am - 5pm ET Monday - Friday

Executive Office

Lori Swain, Executive Director
703-299-6640 Ext. 313
Annual Conference and Future Site Selection
Board of Directors
General Management
NCRA's Education Foundation

Leah Cole, Executive Assistant
703-299-6640 Ext. 320
Administrative support to Executive Director


NCRA Staff

Nancy Allen, Director of Operations & Contracts
703-299-6640 Ext. 311
Human Resources
Annual Conference Registration
Robin Havens, Manager of Online Education
703-299-6640 Ext. 317
Center for Cancer Registry Education
Program Recognition
Michael Hechter, Director of Certification
703-299-6640 Ext. 312
CTR Exam

Council on Certification

Caitlin Irvin, Marketing Coordinator
703-299-6640 Ext. 322
Annual Conference Exhibit Hall
NCRA External Exhibit Support
Marketing & Promotions
Social Media
Neisha Johnson, Membership & Database Manager
703-299-6640 Ext. 319
Database Manager
The Connection
The Journal of Registry Management
Website Manager
Mary Maul, Manager of Education Programs
703-299-6640 Ext. 314
Accredited Formal Education Program
Annual Conference
Cancer Registrar Education
CTR Exam Prep Resources
Peggy Meehan, Director, Education and Communications
Annual Conference Exhibits
Education Programs
NCRA Publications and Products
NCRA Research/Workload and Workforce
Ingrid Reid, Accounting Specialist
703-299-6640 Ext. 321
Kristin Stuppy, Certification Coordinator
703-299-6640 Ext. 315
Continuing Education
CE Summary Forms
CTR Maintenance
Corey Watkins, Association Management System Specialist
703-299-6640 Ext. 316
Network Systems Support
Association Database Specialist
Project Management, Training, and Support
Rita Williams, Membership Services Coordinator
703-299-6640 Ext. 310

Membership Services