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National Cancer Registrars Association, Inc. 
1330 Braddock Place, Suite 520 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
Phone: 703-299-6640
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Business hours: 8am - 5pm ET Monday - Friday

Executive Office

Lori Swain, Executive Director
703-299-6640 Ext. 313
Annual Conference and Future Site Selection
Board of Directors
General Management
NCRA's Education Foundation

Darlene Lawty, Executive Assistant
703-299-6640 Ext. 320
Administrative support to Executive Director


NCRA Staff

Nancy Allen, Director of Operations & Contracts
703-299-6640 Ext. 311
Human Resources
Annual Conference Registration
Robin Havens, Manager of Online Education
703-299-6640 Ext. 317
Center for Cancer Registry Education
Program Recognition
Michael Hechter, Director of Certification
703-299-6640 Ext. 312
CTR Exam

Council on Certification

Caitlin Irvin, Marketing Coordinator
703-299-6640 Ext. 322
Annual Conference Exhibit Hall
NCRA External Exhibit Support
Marketing & Promotions
Social Media
Neisha Johnson, Membership Manager
703-299-6640 Ext. 319

The Connection
The Journal of Registry Management


Mary Maul, Manager of Education Programs
703-299-6640 Ext. 314
Accredited Formal Education Program
Annual Conference
Cancer Registrar Education
CTR Exam Prep Resources
Peggy Meehan, Director, Education and Communications

703-299-6640 Ext. 323
Annual Conference Exhibits
Education Programs
NCRA Publications and Products
NCRA Research/Workload and Workforce

Ingrid Reid, Accounting Specialist
703-299-6640 Ext. 321
Kristin Stuppy, Certification Coordinator
703-299-6640 Ext. 315
Continuing Education
CE Summary Forms
CTR Maintenance
Corey Watkins, Association Management System Specialist
703-299-6640 Ext. 316
Network Systems Support
Association Database Specialist
Project Management, Training, and Support
Rita Williams, Membership Services Coordinator
703-299-6640 Ext. 310

Membership Services