Accredited Education Programs

NCRA’s accredited education programs offer associate’s degrees and certificates in Cancer Registry Management (CRM) or Cancer Information Management (CIM). Also available is a Specialty in Cancer Tumor Registry as part of a Bachelor of Science degree. These programs ensure students who successfully complete the training have fulfilled the eligibility requirements to take the CTR Exam.

All of the NCRA accredited programs are held to meet the accredited program standards for cancer registry curriculum as set by the NCRA Formal Education Program Review Committee.  Students will receive the same course content and learning at any of the NCRA accredited programs.  Every institution, however, has its own policies regarding scheduling, tuition, financial aid, etc.  Please follow the links to the NCRA Accredited Formal Education Programs and contact the institutions directly to learn more about an individual program’s policies.

Updated Practicum Requirements
The NCRA Accredited Formal Education Program updated its practicum requirements. Please review the NCRA Practicum Guide for details.