CTR Re-Certification CE Submission Form

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Welcome to your CE Portfolio where you can easily manage your Continuing Education (CE) activities online.

For CTRs whose CE Cycle ends 12/31/2021, CE Forms submitted after the deadline of 1/31/2022 are subject to a late-filing fee and possible credential revocation.

The CE portfolio provides CTRs with the flexibility to track their CE activities. All of your saved events will be listed in  CEs Earned. A running total of your CEs will be updated as you submit them to your CE portfolio.

  • CEs completed through NCRA's Center for Cancer Registry Education will automatically populate as CEs Earned.
  • Search for NCRA pre-approved activities you attended and add them to CEs Earned.
  • Manually enter details of any Non-NCRA pre-approved activity to add them to CEs Earned.
  • How to Submit CEs and Troubleshooting.


If you receive an error while attempting to enter an NCRA Pre-Approved Activity, then enter that activity in the Other CE Eligible Activity section. Please include the NCRA Program Recognition # in the Activity Title to assist us in getting your submission approved in a timely manner.


After you have entered the required CEs for your CE cycle, you will be able to easily submit your CEs Earned as your completed CE Summary Form. Click the SUBMIT button to send your CEs Earned to NCRA.  You must have a minimum of 20 total CEs and 4 Category A CEs for the SUBMIT button to appear.

Uploading activity documentation is optional and will not be enough to submit CE hours.  You must enter your activities and click on the submit button for your CEs to be successfully submitted.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the review process to be completed. NCRA staff will contact you by email regarding your recertification status. A copy of your submitted CE's will be sent to your email displayed under Contact Information.  After review and approval, CTRs will be furnished with a CE Cycle Validation certificate.


If you have any questions, contact NCRA staff, ce@ncra-usa.org

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