Recruitment Toolkit

Help NCRA Grow! Promote NCRA Membership!

Share the value of your NCRA membership with at least one new cancer registry professional or student this calendar year. With every new member you bring to NCRA, you don't just enhance the voice of the cancer registry professional on standards, policy and member services issues. You also connect that prospective member or student with critical information and a national network of peers to support their growth.  Below find many other tools to help you get started, including:

NCRA Membership Application – Share the Join, Connect, Succeed Membership Application.

Member Benefits Chart – Here's a glance at the benefits you receive and enjoy by joining NCRA.

Sample Recruitment e-Mail –  Send a personalized email inviting a student or colleague to join.

NCRA Prospective Member PDF–  10-page pdf presentation to introduce prospects to the value of membership.

Member Testimonials – Share these great NCRA members' testimonials about the value and benefits of membership.

Encourage colleagues to attend courses and webinars you’ve taken from the Center for Cancer Registry Education.