CTR Maintenance Options


If you were unable to complete the required 20 CEs for this cycle due to circumstances that meet specified criteria, you may request an extension.  This will allow deficient hours from one cycle to be obtained in the next two-year cycle period.

To request an extension, complete this form.

Medical Disability Release

If you were unable to complete the required 20 CEs for this cycle because of a medical disability, which also limits participation in CE activities, you may apply to NCRA for a release of the CTR credential maintenance requirements. Medical documentation of the impairment must be provided. This release applies for the term of your disability and only to situations with the actual individual, not family members.

To request a disability release, complete this form.


If you don't seek to continue utilizing your CTR credential, then request a permanent release of the CE requirements of submitting 20 CE’s every two years AND paying the annual CTR maintenance fee.

 To request a retirement, complete this form.



If you are unable to pay the annual CTR maintenance fee, contact NCRA to discuss your options. Contact NCRA by email or call 703.299.6640 x315.


If your CTR was officially revoked, you may request for a reinstatement of your CTR credentials. Individuals who have not submitted CTR maintenance fees and/or CE hours (via a CE Summary Form) for three or more years must retake the CTR Exam.

To request a reinstatement, fill out this form.


Approved Extension

Supporting documentation of completed CE’s is required for CTRs granted an extension.


A portion of owed CEs to NCRA of a CTR’s next CE Cycle after back-to-back excused CE cycles are required to be submitted early. The 50% of CEs are due within the first year of the CTR’s next CE Cycle. If CTR is unable to provide required CEs, then their credential is revoked due to non-compliance.