NCRA Releases New Strategic Management Plan


Key to the plan is a new vision statement that highlights the role registrars play in curating data that advances outcomes. The plan's purpose is to help define the future of the cancer registry profession and guide NCRA leadership, volunteers, and staff to meet the needs of its members and partners.

Vision:  Curated data … advancing outcomes

Mission: Empower and advance registry professionals through innovations in education, advocacy, credentialing, and strategic partnerships.


  • Education  ̶  Understand ongoing needs and leverage technology to ensure diverse and comprehensive educational programs for registry professionals.
  • Credentialing  ̶  Develop, promote, and administer relevant credentialing to meet current and future needs of the profession.
  • Professional and Career Development  ̶  Create and deliver effective content, programs, products, and services across career phases.
  • Alliances and Advocacy  ̶  Strengthen the profession’s voice by engaging proactively as a powerful advocate to raise awareness, enhance collaborative relationships, and affect change.
  • Membership  ̶  Ensure satisfaction and increased engagement by building membership, anticipating needs, and providing exemplary programs, services, and opportunities.
  • Organizational Sustainability & Governance  ̶  Use best practices in fiduciary responsibilities and management of human resources to ensure the viability and growth of the association.

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Author: Leah Cole
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