Cancer Registry Management: Principles & Practices for Hospitals and Central Registries (3rd Edition)

“Cancer Registry Management: Principles and Practices (3rd Edition)” is a resource for the CTR Exam and for NCRA-Accredited programs. The textbook is the result of a collaborative effort of a volunteer team of registry professionals who represent various organizations from the cancer surveillance community in North America. Written by more than 50 expert authors, “Cancer Registry Management: Principles and Practices” is the only one-stop desk reference for all cancer registry professionals; explains how to set-up and maintain a cancer registry; is an excellent reference on the methodology, organization, and operation of central cancer registries; provides the reader with the most effective strategies, including new axioms and approaches, and is bundled with an online review guide that includes a set of questions with answers for each chapter. The textbook includes appendices, a glossary of registry terms, and an index. This edition is composed of 42 chapters, which are organized into six sections: Planning and Design of Registries, Informatics, Operations, Uses of Registry Data, Standard Setters and Professional Organizations, and Central and Other Registries. Limited Hard-Copy Quantities. An e-book version of the 3rd edition can be purchased at

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