ICA Program: Advisors FAQs

Q:  What is the purpose of the ICA Program?

A:  The ICA Program provides online options to complete specific components of the 160-hour clinical practicum required of all students in NCRA-Accredited Formal Education Programs. (All coursework in these programs must be completed before beginning the practicum.) An Independent Clinical Advisor (ICA) supervises a student’s online activities to ensure understanding and completion.

Q:  Who can be an Independent Clinical Advisor?

A:  An ICA is an experienced CTR and an NCRA member. 

Q:  Will ICAs work face-to-face with a student?

A:  The role of the ICA has been envisioned as a virtual advisor. Most ICAs and students will conduct business online. If an ICA is assigned a student who lives locally, the ICA can choose to advise the student in-person.    

Q:  What are an ICA’s responsibilities?

A:  An ICA will work with an assigned student to monitor and advise their participation in approved online clinical practicum activities to ensure successful completion. 

Q:  As an ICA, would I be responsible for creating the content of these activities?

A:  No, ICAs do not need to create content. NCRA has reviewed and approved the three areas of study that when completed successfully can meet some of the hours of the 160-hour required clinical practicum. 

Q:  What online activities are available? 

A:  The online hours can be achieved through NCRA’s Virtual Clinical Practicum Catalog.  (link to catalog page) Currently, there are three areas of study: abstracting, casefinding, and HIPAA. 

Q:  May an ICA choose which activities he/she wishes to be involved in?

A:  Yes, an ICA may request to serve as an advisor for practicum activities in which they have specific expertise and/or job responsibilities that will enhance a student’s learning.

Q:  How long is the commitment for an ICA?

A:  Once an ICA has committed to working on certain activities with a student, NCRA requires that the ICA complete those activities with the student. 

Q:  Can I earn CEs for being an ICA?

A:  NCRA is in the process of applying to the Council on Certification’s Continuing Education Committee to have ICA hours qualify as CE credits. Currently, they are not eligible.