NCRA has revised its popular study guide to reflect the changes to the 2023 CTR exam. The guide begins with a review of the Core Knowledge required of all cancer registrars, including the principles of oncology and the body’s systems. The remaining chapters are organized by critical cancer registry subjects and contain basic information on these important topic areas. There are five case studies that include answers and rationales.

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The online CTR Exam Practice Test was created to assist individuals in studying for the CTR Exam. It is an assessment tool to aid individuals in gauging their understanding of the different content areas of the exam. The practice test is organized by the exam’s four Domains of Competencies: Legal and Ethical Aspects in the Cancer Registry Profession, Cancer Registry Operations, Cancer Registry Data Identification, and Cancer Registry Coding and Abstraction. Learn More!


The series, designed to prepare candidates for the CTR Exam, includes seven, 90-minute archived sessions presented in January/February 2023. Developed and facilitated by a team of experienced NCRA-member CTRs and allied-health educators, the webinar series provides a review of all aspects of the exam’s core competencies. The faculty has designed the webinars to provide a comprehensive review of materials with hands-on exercises. Topics include Casefinding and Solid Tumor Rules; Abstracting & Coding I; Abstracting & Coding II; Abstracting & Coding III; Data Usage, Analysis and Quality Assurance; Cancer Program Accreditations; and Follow-Up, Registry Organization and Operations. Purchase Today! 


The National Cancer Registrars Association has produced these 15 online cancer case studies to provide opportunities for registrars to practice assigning AJCC TNM Stage and coding SEER Summary Stage. The cases have been designed to assist those new to the cancer registry field to build their skills as well as seasoned professionals who want to improve their proficiencies. The correct answers and corresponding rationales will be presented upon completion of each case. Note: Reference the AJCC Cancer Staging System including Eighth Edition and Version 9 as of November 2021, Solid Tumor Rules (updated September 2021 to become effective January 2022), and the SEER Summary Stage Manual - 2018 updated September 2021. You should not use the SEER RSA tool as it does not follow the AJCC staging rules. 

This activity includes 15 case studies on the following sites:
Renal Pelvis

The enrollment period for this activity is 365 days. These cases were updated April 2022
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