NCRA’s Informatics Committee Tool-kit for Casefinding 

Hospital-based case finding can be as complex as the facility in which it is performed.  Whether paper, electronic or a blended process, case finding must adapt to changes in the larger hospital environment. It’s accurate to state that there have never been more ways to find reportable cases with the continuing electrification of resources, often alongside of the pre-existing paper format.

The Case Finding Tool-kit was developed by the Informatics Committee (2017) for use by Cancer Registrars to:

  • Assist in educating clinical interns and new CTRs in gaining an overview of paper and electronic case finding, as found in most facilities.
  • Help teams consider current Best Practices in paper and electronic case finding.
  • Remind seasoned registrars of available resources.
  • Highlight the planning needed in a case finding process
  • Challenge all registrars to consider case finding and its modifications as project to be continually improved.