Priorities and Programs

The NCRA Educational Foundation’s mission is to support the advancement of the cancer registry profession through education and research. The Foundation has four goals:

  •  Administration and Internal Communications: Assure a sound infrastructure to maintain the Foundation.
  • Finance: Maintain financial stability.
  • Public Relations and External Communications: Promote the activities and achievements of the Foundation.
  • Project Development and Fundraising: Identify, prioritize, and fund projects consistent with our mission and vision.

Summary of Health Information Management Efforts

The NCRA Education Foundation focuses on two key programs, those being, 12 video presentations explaining the major components of the cancer registry profession and the Ambassador Program, which is a resource for Health Information Management schools to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of cancer registrars.

Introduction to the Cancer Registry Online Product

Recent projects include an updated Introduction to the Cancer Registry online product. Designed for Health Information Management (HIM) schools, the recruitment tool targets prospective cancer registrars and provides a glimpse into the roles and responsibilities of a cancer registrar. The tool includes 12 video presentations, an Instructor’s Guide, PowerPoints, and fact sheets. More details can be found at:

Continuing education in cancer registry management/cancer information management has been a natural stepping stone for many students who have earned health Information management degrees. HIM students have found that competency in cancer registry methods and tasks enhances their HIM/HIT education. Students with expertise in multiple tracks are able to move into leadership positions in HIM departments, cancer registries and oncology data departments.

The NCRA Educational Foundation fully supports continuing education in these complimentary fields as a way for students to meet future challenges in health information management and cancer surveillance through quality data collection. Watch our video to learn more about our efforts that support HIM programs and students: 


The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to connect HIM schools with experienced cancer registry professionals who serve as Ambassadors to help students learn more about the cancer registry profession. The Ambassadors can bring the Introduction to the Cancer Registry series alive. Learn More.