Membership Categories & Dues
NCRA is pleased to announce that membership dues for 2024 will remain at the same rates as they were in 2023.
  • Active - $105: An individual whose primary occupation is related to cancer registry work
  • Associate - $90: An individual interested in the purpose of the association, but does not meet the qualifications of active membership
  • Inactive - $50: An individual who previously qualified as an active member, but is no longer in the workforce or cancer registry field
  • Sustaining - $200:  Individuals, institutions or organizations interested in promoting the principles and purposes of NCRA
  • Student - $40: An individual who is enrolled full- or part-time in a college-level curriculum and is interested in NCRA’s purpose
  • International - $65: An individual who is not a resident of North America
To renew your membership NCRA by check, download the Membership Renewal Application.  Complete the form and mail with payment to NCRA.
ODS Annual Recertification Fee
All ODSs are required to pay a recertification fee on an annual basis. For all ODSs that are members of NCRA, the annual ODS recertification fee is $35. For all ODSs that are not members, the annual ODS recertification fee is $145.