Nominations and Elections

The 2018 NCRA election is live! Active and Honorary Life members can vote through March 22nd! 

  • President Elect/Secretary 
  • Treasurer Junior 
  • Public Relations Board Director  
  • Professional Development Board Director 
  • Council on Certification Administrator (1 position) 
  • Representatives of the Council on Certification (4 positions) 
  • Nominating Committee Members (2 positions each from the East, West, and Midwest regions)

All the offices are two-year terms, with the following exceptions:
  • President-Elect/Secretary is a one-year term with a roll-up to President (also a one-year term) and then Immediate Past President (another one-year term). 
  • Treasurer Junior is a one-year term with a roll-up to Treasurer Senior for one term. 
  • Council on Certification Administrator is a three-year term.
  • Nominating Committee Members serve a one-year term.

Questions? Contact the Nominating Committee members in your region at, call the NCRA Executive Office at (703) 299-6640, ext. 319, or send an email: