Does the nominee need to know they are being nominated?
An individual or a group may make a nomination without informing the nominee, provided that all the data necessary to adequately describe the nominee’s achievements is submitted for evaluation by the Awards Committee.

Why do I need to include the nominee’s resume or CV?
A complete nomination package must include the nominee’s most recent resume or CV. The Awards Committee reviews the submitted resume to clarify, validate, and enhance their understanding of the nominee’s professional service.

Can I contact someone on the Awards Committee to discuss my questions or concerns?
The Awards Committee members are anonymous, so direct contact is prohibited. Please contact the NCRA Executive Office at 703-299-6640, ext. 319 or member@ncra-usa.org. Staff can submit your question to the committee for a response.

There are members who have done a great deal of work for the cancer registry profession
in their current work position, but have not volunteered for NCRA. If I think they deserve to be acknowledged, can I nominate them?

Yes, you can nominate them. While NCRA acknowledges and appreciates member contributions to the profession through their careers, nominees are strongly scored for contributions to NCRA and the profession completed in a voluntary, non-paid capacity. Please include examples of specific NCRA work and how that nominee went above and beyond in their spare time.

Can I nominate someone who was nominated previously?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of times a person can be nominated. The Distinguished Member Award can only be presented once to the same person. All other awards can be presented more than once, if the nominee has completed extraordinary work in the relevant year. If the nominee received an award in the same category previously, the committee will only evaluate the work of that member for the time AFTER the first award was granted.

When and how will I find out if my nominee has been selected for recognition?
Staff will e-mail all nominators six weeks prior to the Annual Conference.

My nominee was not selected for the award. What should I do if I want to nominate him/her again?
NCRA staff can provide nominators with the originally submitted Nominations Package. However, the package must be updated to reflect the nominee’s efforts for the most recent year.