Do You Fit the Profile?

Are you interested in health information management, public health, and data informatics? Are you detail-oriented with a strong interest in math and science? Does the idea of collecting and analyzing data to improve public health interest you? If so, the cancer registry profession may be for you!
Do you have an interest in the following? 
  •  Health Information Management
  •  Cancer Research/Prevention 
  •  Computers/Technology
  •  Statistics/Mathematics
  •  Public Health
  •  Medicine
  •  Law/Ethics
  •  Science
Did you enjoy and excel in these high school courses? 
  •  Statistics/Mathematics
  •  Computer Applications/Computer Science
  •  Technology
  •  Health
  •  Science (Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology) 
Did you join clubs or participate in volunteer work such as these?
  •  Health Club
  •  Cancer Prevention/Awareness 
  •  Relay for Life
  •  Hospital Volunteer work
If you want to pursue a career as a cancer registrar, you must first complete and pass the necessary requirements to earn your high school diploma. It would be wise to take a science elective (human anatomy and physiology, if it is offered at your school), statistics, and/or a technology/computer course in order to have experience with this content prior to college. 
Once you have completed your high school diploma, there are several paths to becoming a cancer registrar. Learn more