NCRA Past Presidents


NCRA have been fortunate to have great leaders. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who championed high-quality cancer registries from the earliest days and throughout NCRA's history.


1975  R.R. “Tim” Richardson
1976  Barbara D. Lord, RN
1977  Vida M. Peterson
1978  Ruth (Pavel) Novotny
1979  Sue Sumner, CTR (Retired)
1980  David E. Stewart
1980  Cynthia M. Creech, CTR (Retired)
1981  Evelyn M. Shambaugh, CTR (Retired)
1982  Dolores K. Michels, CTR (Retired)
1983  Marilyn C. Hurst, MBA, CTR (Retired)
1984  Rosemarie E. Clive, LPN, CTR (Retired)
1985  Mildred A. Weiss
1986  Craig B. Davis, CTR (Retired)
1987  Sue A. Watkins, ART, CTR (Retired)
1988  Anne L. Kammer, ART, CTR (Retired)
1989  B. Jean Cicero, ART, CTR (Retired)
1990  Suzanna S. Hoyler, CTR (Retired)
1991  Rosemary McKee, CTR (Retired)
1992  April G. Fritz, ART, CTR (Retired)
1993  Anna Marie Davidson CT(ASCP), CTR (Retired)
1994  Shirley K. Foret, CTR (Retired)
1995  Martha Oliva, BS, CTR (Retired)
1996  Connie Grace, LPN, ODS
1997  Carol Hutchison, ODS
1998  Gayle Greer Clutter, RT, CTR (Retired)
1999  Steven D. Roffers, PA
2000  Jane S. Abe, CTR (Retired)
2001  Carol Hahn Johnson, BS, CTR (Retired)
2002  Linda G. Mulvihill, RHIT, ODS (Retired)
2003  Ryan Intlekofer, RN, CTR (Retired)
2004  Donna M. Gress, RHIT, ODS
2005  Amy Fremgen, PhD, CTR (Retired)
2006  Dianne Cleveland, RHIA, ODS 
2007  Marilyn Hansen, ODS 
2008  Sally Kruse, CTR (Retired)
2009  Lynda Douglas, AA, CTR (Retired)
2010  Inez (Evans) Inman, BS, RHIT, ODS
2011  Susan M. Koering, MEd, RHIA, ODS
2012  Melanie Rogan, ODS
2013  Sarah Burton, ODS
2014  Shirley Jordan Seay, PhD, OCN, ODS
2015  Therese Richardson, RHIA, CTR (Retired)
2016   Leah Kiesow, MBA, ODS 
2017   Linda Corrigan, MHE, RHIT, ODS
2018   Barbara Dearmon-Neyland, BS, ODS
2019   Janet Reynolds BA, ODS
2020   Paulette Zinkann BS, ODS
2021   Nadine Walker MS, ODS
2022   Karen Mason MSc, RN, ODS
2023   Vanessa R. Hoffmann, BS, ODS