Committees, Councils, Foundations, Task Forces 

NCRA Committees


Awards Committee

Not made public

Education Committee Chair
Barbara Dearmon, BS, ODS

Education Foundation
Sara Biese, ODS

Ethics Committee Chair
Amanda Hubbert, ODS

Finance Committee Chair
Shirley J Jordan Seay, PhD, ODS

GPEC Chair
Vanessa R. Hoffmann, BS, ODS

Informatics Committee Chair
Kelly Merriman, MPH, PhD, ODS

Medical Registry Committee Chair
Carrie Antonelli, BA, ODS

Membership Committee Chair
Michelle Nicole DiSabato, ODS

Mentoring Committee Chair
Trish Troiano, ODS


NCRW Committee Chair
Ronda G Broome, MS, MSHMI, ODS

Nominating Committee Chair
Janet Lynn Reynolds, BA, ODS

Policy & Procedure Committee Chair
Maia C Bohm, MBA ODS

Program Committee Chair

Vicki M Hawhee, MEd, ODS


Program Recognition Committee Chair
Kimberly Dyane Kinney-Lara, RHIT, ODS

Social Media Committee Chair
Erin Wangerin, ODS

The Connection Editor
Melanie W Rogan, ODS

Website Committee Chair
Jen Jensen, BS, ODS


Council on Certification Administrator
Crystal Jordan, MS, ODS

NCRA Liaisons


Technical Advisory Group
Susanna Mitchell, BS, ODS

American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer
Cheryl Sheridan, RHIT, ODS

American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC)
Vonetta Williams ODS, PhD, MPH

Cancer PathCHART
Janet Lynn Reynolds, BA, ODS

Cancer Surgery Standards Program (ACS CSSP)
Kim A. Rodriguez, BSPH, CPH, RHIT, ODS


College of American Pathologists (CAP)
Mildred Nunez Jones, BA, ODS

High Level Strategic Group
Karen Anne Mason, MSc, RN, ODS

Mid Level Strategic Group
Jennie Jones, MSHI-HA CHDA ODS

North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)
Andrea Sipin-Baliwas, MS, ODS

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers  (NAPBC)

Penne J Perry, RHIT, ODS