Committees, Councils, Foundations, Task Forces 

 Awards Committee

Not made public

Continuing Education Committee Chair
Jennifer Sanky, CTR
Sara Morel, CTR


Education Committee Chair
Barbara Dearmon, BS, CTR

Education Foundation
Sara Biese, CTR

Ethics Committee Chair
Kendra Johnson, MPH, CTR

Finance Committee Chair
Jennifer Garvin, PhD, RHIA, CPHQ, CTR

GPEC Chair
Paulette Zinkann, CTR

GPEC Committee Members
Dianne Cleveland, RHIA, CTR
Misty Sonnenberg, BBA, CTR
Linda Corrigan, MHE, RHIT, CTR
Janet Reynolds, BBA, CTR

The Connection Editor
Paulette Zinkann, CTR

Informatics Committee Chair
Kelly Merriman, MPH, PhD, CTR

Journal of Registry Management - Editor in Chief
Danette Clark, BS, RMA, CTR


Medical Registry Committee Chair


Membership Committee Chair
Kelli Aimar, CTR

Mentoring Committee Chair
Sheri Amechi, BS, CTR


NCRW Committee Chair
Carol Brown, AA, CTR

Nominating Committee Chair
Melanie Rogan, CTR, CTR

Nominating Committee Members - East

Danillie Clark, AAS, RMA, CTR
Kioka Walcott, CTR

Nominating Committee Members - Midwest
Courtney Jagneaux, RHIA, CTR
Susan Perez, CTR


Nominating Committee Members - West

Amanda Hubbert, CTR
Cheryl Nicholai, RHIT, CTR

Policy & Procedure Committee Chair
Curry Chapman, CTR

Program Recognition Committee Chair
Jennifer Rohleder, BS, CTR

Website Committee Chair
Cathy Rimmer, BA, MDiv, CTR


Social Media Committee Chair
Kimberly Rodriguez, PhD, OCN, CTR

2021 Program Committee Chair

Maria Teresa Ramirez, BS, CTR

Council on Certification Administrator
Danette Clark, BS, RMA, CTR

Council on Certification Representatives
Shannon Hart, CTR
Jennifer Sanky, CTR
Margaret Wight, BA, CTR
Lenora Burwell, MS, CTR
Crystal Jordan, BS, CTR
Sara Morel, CTR
Amy Waits, BS, CTR
Amanda Ritter, BS, CTR

NCRA Task Forces


Outsourcing & Perception Task Force
Nadine Walker, CTR


Professional Development Task Force
Dianne Cleveland

Textbook Editor Task Force
Linda Mulvihill 

NCRA Liaisons


Technical Advisory Group
Amy Kendall, CTR

American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer
Cheryl Sheridan, RHIT, CTR

American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC)
Vonetta Williams CTR, PhD, MPH

College of American Pathologists (CAP)
Deborah Dickerson, RHIT, CTR

North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)
Heather Stabinsky, MS, Ed, CTR

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers  (NAPBC)

Cynthia Boudreaux, LPN, CTR