Article Submission

How to Submit An Article

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to The Connection. To ensure that our online member newsletter is valuable and timely, the following general guidelines have been developed: 1. Guest articles should pertain to newsworthy events affecting members of NCRA or of interest to the entire membership of NCRA. Also intended for inclusion are business matters of NCRA. Scientific articles are not appropriate for The Connection and should be submitted to NCRA's Journal of Registry Management.

2. Email articles as an electronic file to NCRA, 1330 Braddock Place #520, Alexandria, VA 22314; TEL (703) 299-6640 x312; FAX (703) 299-6620.

3. Article files should be formatted to include any required text boxes or necessary graphic art; these will be included in the publication if possible.

4. The NCRA Editorial Advisory Board of The Connection reserves the right to refuse publication of any article that is not appropriate. The NCRA Editorial Advisory Board will review the article and the editor will notify the author of any substantial changes before the publication.

5. Committee reports and updates may submit their activities using bulletpoints; something simple and easy that does not require a lot of "creative" writing.

6. Authors are expected to submit articles with content that is correct, complete and original, unless otherwise footnoted or cited. All quotes, attributes and references will be verified by the NCRA Editorial Advisory Board.

7. Members are invited to submit Letters to the Editor to send feedback on articles of interest.


2022-2023 Editorial Board

Melanie Rogan, Editor

Vanessa Stinson, BS, CTR

Janet Vogel, CTR

Maria Teresa Ramirez, BS, CTR