National Cancer Registrars Association
Statement on Injustice and Discrimination in the wake of the death of Mr. George Floyd:

NCRA recognizes that the injustice and discrimination shown by the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis are at odds with our values. NCRA’s Professional Practice Code of Ethics provides its members with definitive and binding guidelines of professional conduct. These guidelines call for the conduct of integrity and fairness without personal bias or prejudice.
With these values in mind, NCRA urges its members to take stock of this current tragic incident and resolve to consider their professional values through a personal lens in support of peaceful and tolerant collaborations with others. Mr. Floyd’s death was the catalyst, but the unrest is due to not only his death, but also many others. Our sympathies go out to Mr. Floyd’s family and to all who have suffered the painful effects of racism, discrimination and injustice, and remembering that we all play a role in creating positive change for humanity.