NCRA Institute for Medical Surveillance Workforce Research (IMSWR)
Policy and Procedures


Create the NCRA Institute for Medical Surveillance Workforce Research (IMSWR) to expand access to related workforce research and tools to enhance recruitment and retention

Understanding the importance of building and maintaining a skilled workforce, NCRA has initiated formal research to better understand demographics, recruitment opportunities, retention priorities, and workflow models of the cancer surveillance workforce. NCRA is aware that this research and the tools developed from the research have been impactful in the workplace for advocacy and for facility-related policy decisions. In order to provide a centralized location for all NCRA workforce research and tools, along with other medical registries workforce research and resources, NCRA formed the Institute for Medical Surveillance Workforce Research (IMSWR). 

IMSWR’s mission will be to serve as the central repository for all existing and new research related to the medical surveillance workforce and to promote access and use of that research to impact recruitment and retention. 


  • Establish the content of the IMSWR online repository to include NCRA-directed research specific to the cancer surveillance workforce, along research on similar workforce types conducted by partner organizations.
  • Routinely monitor IMSWR website to assure content is updated and to investigate and recommend new sources of content.
  • Promote the content of IMSWR by integrating its work and priorities into the NCRA Communications Plan.