Independent Clinical Advisor (ICA) Program

All NCRA-Accredited Formal Education Programs require students to complete a 160-hour practicum. The practicum is a critical component of a cancer registrar’s training. NCRA’s Formal Education Program Review Committee will allow some practicum activities to be completed virtually through NCRA’s Independent Clinical Advisor (ICA) Program. Students who have completed all the coursework in an NCRA-accredited formal education program may be eligible. Students must apply to participate in the program. Through the program, an ICA will provide supervision and guide the student through the approved online activities. If you have questions about the ICA Program, contact Mary Maul at

NCRA’s Virtual Clinical Practicum Catalog
NCRA’s Formal Education Program Review Committee has recently increased the number of hours that students can complete online to meet the 160-hour pracictum. These hours are in the areas of casefinding, abstracting and coding, and HIPAA. Go to the Virtual Practicum Catalog to learn more and access the links.

Join the ICA Program
Students and current CTRs are encouraged to join the program. Details are noted below. Student applications will be reviewed by ICA Group. An ICA will be assigned to a student based on availability.

ICA Program: Advisor
Video: SEER*Educate for Online Clinical Practicums
Advisor FAQs 
Advisor Online Application
2021 Practicum Experience Advisor Form

ICA Program: Student
Student FAQs 
Student Online Application


Mentoring Program

NCRA’s Mentoring Program is designed to assist students and cancer registrars in earning the CTR credential and to help current CTRs advance their careers. NCRA’s Mentoring Committee seeks to match mentors with the most appropriate mentee based on shared backgrounds, interests, and career goals. Mentors must be NCRA members in good standing and have held the CTR credential for at least two years.  

Questions? Contact Mary Maul, Education Manager.