Mentoring and Independent Advisor (IA) Programs

NCRA has two programs to assist students in joining the profession and members advancing their careers through networking, advising, and exchanging ideas. 

Mentoring Program
NCRA’s Mentoring Program is designed to assist students and cancer registrars in earning the CTR credential and to help current CTRs advance their careers. NCRA’s Mentoring Committee seeks to match mentors with the most appropriate mentee based on shared backgrounds, interests, and career goals. Mentors must be NCRA members in good standing and have held the CTR credential for at least two years. For more information, email

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Independent Advisor Program 
All NCRA Accredited Formal Education Programs require students to complete a practicum. The practicum provides students in-person and/or virtual experiences in the technical aspects of cancer registry operations and cancer surveillance methods to complement coursework. The practicum requires students be supervised by a CTR-credentialed advisor. 

Students enrolled in an NCRA Accredited Formal Education Program through a state-accredited college or university system receive support for the practicum as part of the institution’s program. These programs are responsible for assigning a CTR-credentialed advisor to their students. 

Students enrolled in the self-directed NCRA-AHIMA Cancer Registry Management Certificate Program are solely responsible for managing their practicum. AHIMA students need assistance in finding CTR-credentialed advisors to provide advice and guidance during the practicum. AHIMA students can request an advisor through NCRA’s Independent Advisor (IA) Program, however, NCRA cannot guarantee an advisor will be assigned. NCRA members are encouraged to help this next generation of registrars by serving as an Independent Advisor. Please consider serving as an IA. Questions? Email

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