Welcome to the NCRA Education Foundation Ambassador Program!

The NCRA Education Foundation created the Ambassador Program to promote the cancer registry profession to Health Information Management (HIM) schools and other organizations. The program is designed to connect teachers, students, healthcare professionals, and other interested individuals with experienced volunteer Ambassadors representing the cancer registry profession. 
Ambassadors provide presentations, using materials developed by the NCRA Education Foundation to increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the cancer registry profession. Ambassadors provide a general overview of the cancer registry and share their personal experiences, as well as answer questions teachers or students may have. 
Mission: Partnering with a variety of schools in order to educate students on why cancer registrars are needed, as well as, encourage students to join the cancer registry profession. 
Vision: Fulfill future workforce needs for cancer registry professionals. 
HIM Schools: Interested in Requesting an Ambassador? 
Thank you for your interest in the NCRA Education Foundation Ambassador Program.  Ambassadors are experienced cancer registry program professionals who have been approved by the Foundation to serve in this role.
Application: Please complete the application.  Email notification will be sent confirming receipt of your request. 
Cancer Registry Professionals: Interested in Becoming an Ambassador? 
Thank you for your interest in the NCRA Education Foundation Ambassador Program. Ambassadors, will represent the NCRA Education Foundation in promoting the cancer registry profession to HIM schools and interested organizations. Presentations can be made in person or remotely, based on the preferences of the requesting school or organization.
Application: Please complete the application to become an ambassador.  Email notification will be sent once your application is approved your term will last 2 years. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the NCRA training modules and materials.
  • Present information to schools and other organizations on the cancer registry profession, using the NCRA Education Foundation online modules as your primary resource. When an assignment is received, contact the school promptly (within 5 working days) to introduce yourself and work out the details of the request.
  • Record the number of participants
  • Complete a brief Program Data Sheet to provide feedback to the Foundation each time that you have finished delivering the program content requested by an HIM school or other organization. The form should be submitted within 2 weeks of completing the assignment.
  • NCRA member
  • ODS credentialed (minimum one year’s experience as a cancer registrar.)
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Organizational and time management skills