Membership & Certification

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about the ODS certification.  If you cannot find your answer below please visit or contact us.

Do I have to be an NCRA member to be certified?

No.  Non-members are required to pay a ODS annual recertification fee on an annual basis of $145.00/year. The NCRA member-rate ODS annual recertification fee is $35.00/year.


What is the ODS annual recertification fee and who is required to pay it?

All ODS-certified professionals must pay a recertification fee on an annual basis.  Regardless of when you submit your CE hours, the CE recertification fee annually supports post-certificate activities by NCRA.  NCRA members receive a discount off of their ODS annual recertification fee.   The fee covers NCRA taking care of ODS-certified professionals year-round, including, but not limited to: safely and securely maintaining individuals’ ODS credentials; providing timely answers to questions about the ODS program; offering a formal process for employers to verify credentials; and providing a list of NCRA-approved CE-eligible programs.

Do my annual membership dues include the ODS annual recertification fee?

No.  However, we strongly recommend that your ODS annual recertification fee be paid at the same time you submit your membership dues payment.

How does non-payment of my dues/fees affect my certification?

For ODS-certified professionals, it is crucial that annual ODS annual recertification fees are sent on time so that your credential is properly maintained.  The consequence of delinquent fees is your credential may be revoked! 


How can I find out when my CE Cycle expire?

An ODS-certified professional's 2-year cycle ends on December 31st. The deadline to submit required (annual) ODS recertification fee &/or (biennial) CE hours is January 31st. ODS-certified professionals are out of compliance when requirement (s) are not met by February 1st. The CE form expiration date is shown in your profile and can be view once you log in.