National Cancer Registrars Association is pleased to announce the 2020 slate of candidates for the NCRA Board, Council on Certification Representatives, and Nominating Committee. 

Review the candidates below and click here when you're ready to cast your vote.


1. Karen Mason

2. Cheryl Sheridan


Treasurer Junior

1. Leah Kiesow

2. Terri Richardson


Public Relations Board Director

1. Ronda Broome

2. Holly Kulhawick


Professional Development Board Director

1. Janet Vogel

2. Vonetta Williams


 Council on Certification Representatives

1. Sandra Carlson

2. Shannon Hart

3. Anne Josephs

4. Amanda Ritter

5. Jennifer Sanky

6. Trisha Troiano

7. Margaret Wight


Nominating Committee

East Region

1. Gema Midence

2. Kioka Walcott

3. Danillie Clark


Midwest Region

1. Courtney Jagneaux

2. Susan Perez

3. Janet Reynolds

4. Karen Schmidt


West Region

1. Amanda Hubbert

2. Cheryl Nicolai