Member Testimonial

What our members say about us..

My NCRA membership has provided me the opportunity to volunteer and to connect to registrars from across the country. The education and professional networking opportunities are incredible and have given me long-term job security.

Amy Kendall, CTR
Denver, CO (Member for 20 years)


I am a relatively new CTR. My NCRA membership has afforded me many opportunities to network and grow my career in a relatively short time. It was also instrumental in helping me prepare for and pass the CTR Exam. My advice to my non-member colleagues is to join and take advantage of every opportunity that NCRA membership offers.

Crystal C. Jordan, CTR
Duluth, GA (Member for 4 years)


My NCRA membership has been a tremendous help in providing resources and for networking with other registrars. I have gained contacts from across the nation who have been instrumental in my professional growth. I would advise all CTRs and abstractors to join and take advantage of NCRA’s many and varied resources.

Dianna L. Wilson, RHIA, CTR
Fayetteville, AR (Member for 18 years and former Board member)

NCRA helped me to find a college to complete my education and to obtain my CTR credential. It provided me ALL of the resources I needed to study and pass the CTR exam. Once I found this career path through NCRA, I started on a professional journey that has been extremely fulfilling. I am now the coordinator of my cancer institute! If you have not joined NCRA, you must!

Vanessa R. Stinson, CTR
Red Lion, PA (Member for 6 years)

My NCRA membership provided me access to tools to pass the CTR exam on the FIRST try. Having unlimited access to the CTR Exam Online Practice Test allowed me to better understand my areas of weakness and to concentrate on improving those areas before taking the test. In addition, being a CTR member has allowed me to command and receive a higher salary and greater respect in my profession.

Jennifer Andrus Doyle, CTR (Member for 4 years)
Astoria, NY

NCRA's training opportunities and the Annual Conferences have helped me move into a management position at my state central cancer registry. For the new professional, I recommend you join NCRA to help you build a successful and rewarding career in the cancer registry field. Do not wait.

Georgetta Alverson, CTR
Williamstown, MI (Member for 22 years)