Question 1. Where can I obtain the Exam Handbook for Candidates and an application?

Download the Candidates Handbook and application.

Question 2. Where do I send the ODS Exam application?

NCRA’s Council on Certification
Attn: CTR Exam
1330 Braddock Place #502
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA

Or, submit to ctrexam@ncra-usa.org

Or, fax (703) 299-9920

Question 3. Where can I test?

The ODS Exam is offered via computer-based testing around the U.S. and some international sites.

Find testing locations.

Question 4. How quickly will I learn my test results?

Candidates will NOT receive any immediate test results after completion of the computer-based test. Within six weeks of the close of the testing period, candidates will be notified by email of when their final test results are posted. Scores can then be securely accessed via your online candidate account at www.goAMP.com. Scores on the major areas of the examination and on the total examination will also be reported.

Question 5. I need to retake the ODS Exam. Am I required to meet the current eligibility requirements?

Yes, all candidates registering for the ODS Exam must meet the current year’s eligibility requirements.

Question 6. What other courses meet the specific education requirement of “2 semesters of Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.”

Read the Coursework Guidelines for classes in Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.

Question 7. Can you clarify the education requirement of Route A?

An Associate's Degree or the equivalent (60 college-level credits) in any discipline is the education minimum. Those who do not yet have the education minimum should pursue the NCRA-Accredited Associate Degree Program path. The Associate's Degree or the college-level courses can be in any discipline. Completed coursework at NCRA-accredited Certificate Programs count towards the 60 college-level credits education requirement for ODS Exam eligibility. Courses recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) are also accepted for the 60 college-level credits education requirement. View the list of providers at https://www.ncra-usa.org/Education/Accredited-Education-Programs/Associate-and-Certificate-Programs.

Question 8. I’m a student, how do I complete the practicum in Route A?

Route A candidates are required to complete the assessments for each of the five competencies to satisfy the practicum requirement. The practicum is based on five core competencies. These competencies are derived from the certification exam’s domains of practice. Practicum activities focus on developing skills in these critical knowledge areas: Casefinding; Abstracting, Coding, and Staging; Analysis and Data Usage; Registry Organization, Follow-Up, and Data Quality Assurance; and Cancer Program Accreditation.

Question 9. I can’t take the exam anymore! Can I get a refund?

You may reschedule your appointment WITHIN THE SAME TESTING WINDOW ONCE at no charge by calling PSI at 888-519-9901 at least two business days prior to your scheduled appointment.

No refunds are given within the testing window you registered; however, for a non-punitive processing fee, we can transfer your application to the next testing period. Contact NCRA (703) 299-6640 x312 for more information.

Question 10. What is the deadline to meet all eligibility requirements?

The deadline to meet all of the eligibility requirements is the stated application deadline.

Question 11. What accommodations are provided for those who have special needs?

Special testing arrangements can be made to individuals with special needs. Requests for special testing MUST be received at least 8 weeks before the testing window begins. Candidates need to send documentation of their disability, such as a letter from a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker who has done an evaluation with their specific recommendations for special accommodations (for example, if requesting extra time, how much extra time). Requests will not be accepted without any documentation.

Question 12. If I apply for the ODS Exam and am not approved, is there a monetary penalty?

Your full application fee will be returned to you along with the reason your application was denied.

Question 13. Does the Council on Certification offer training or prepared ODS Exam Preparatory materials?

NCRA's Council on Certification neither sponsors nor endorses review courses or prepared preparatory materials for the Certification Examination for Cancer Registrars. Check the list of resources that may be of use in preparing for the examination.

Question 14. Is it required to have official transcripts in a sealed envelope for exam eligibility?

Unofficial transcripts are accepted. If they are not sufficient to determine eligibility, then candidates may be requested to send in official transcripts.

Question 15. Can I submit an application for the ODS exam if I have not completed all of the eligibility requirements?

No. Before applying for the exam, candidates must meet all of the education AND experience requirements of either Route A1, A2, or B.