Submit CEs

CTRs whose CE cycle ends December 31, 2017, should submit their Continuing Education (CE) Summary Form to comply with requirements of CTR maintenance. To satisfy the CE requirement, CTRs with this even-numbered-year CE cycle are required to report a minimum of 20 CE hours completed within your CE cycle dates. Online or paper submissions for this CE cycle were to be submitted by January 31, 2018 submissions after the deadline date are subject to a late filing fee. Please allow up to six weeks to process CE submissions.

Unable to comply with the requirements? Consider options of an extension or a retirement.  View your options.

Your CE Cycle Dates

2017 CE Cycle = 01/01/2016 - 12/31/2017

New CTRs: Your first CE Cycle started when you passed the exam - either in March 2015, in June/July 2015, or in October/November 2015.

CE Cycle end date = December 31, 2017


Deadline to Submit CEs = January 31, 2018. Submissions after this date are subject to a late filing fee and possible credential revocation.  

Ways to Submit Your CEs

Online CE Summary Form -- enter activities and submit electronically to NCRA.( coming soon)


Contact Information for CE Submission
Phone: 703-299-6640 Ext. 315
Fax: 703-299-6620/Attn: CE Department.

Mail:  National Cancer Registrars Association
          Attn: CE Department
          1330 Braddock Place, Suite 520
          Alexandria, VA 22314

CE-Eligible Activities

Number of Required CEs = minimum of 20 CEs completed within your cycle.

To be eligible for Continuing Education (CE) clock hours, an activity must - as the name suggests - continue your education as a certified cancer registry professional.


The activity must:

  • be cancer registry-related, and
  • present materials beyond the level required for certification
  • improve or expand the existing base of knowledge or skills for the CTR.


Learn more about eligibility of specific educational activities and restrictions.

Reporting Order for CE Activities

1. All NCRA Pre-Approved Education Programs. Must have NCRA-approval number for the event. Search for NCRA Pre-Approved Education Programs and code #.

2. State or local annual meetings/conferences/workshops
3. Cancer Conference/Tumor Boards (five CEs allowed per two-year cycle)
4. All other cancer registry-related CE events/activities 

Activities Not Eligible for CTR CEs

  • AHIMA-approved programs on topics not specifically related to the cancer registry, cancer registry activities and/or cancer registry functions
  • Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APC) and coding activities
  • Nursing workshops not directly related to the cancer registry
  • College courses unrelated to cancer registry management or work


For additional guidance on CE submissions, reference the CTR Continuing Education Handbook.